DEXTER Steaks on our new menu!

If you like your steak, we have a special treat for you. We now have a selection of Dexter beef steaks on our new menu. Dexter beef is a rare connoisseur's beef that is beautifully tender and sweet, with a slightly nutty taste.

Unique spider marbling makes these steaks taste so great and the reason why it has won so many taste awards. This flavoursome meat is high in CLA's as well as Omegas 3,6 and 9, and its smaller size allows for a highly flavoursome meat.

Dexter cows were near extinction and are now growing in numbers thanks to specialist farmers at Killenure Castle who are saving and nurturing the breed back to more sustainable numbers with traditional farming techniques.

They now have a herd of over 600 happy dexter cows who are nurtured by their mothers milk until they are fully weaned and then roam freely over the rich grasslands of South Tipperary.

From 14oz T-bones to 8oz fillets, come and experience Irish steak at its very best. All steaks are served with buttermilk onion rings, choice of one side; fries, chunky chips, orzo & herb salad, buttered mash, purple brocolli & miso almond butter and one sauce: pink peppercorn & bourbon or smoked bone marrow bernaise.

Find out more about Killenure Beef or watch their story below.