Give your garden a cup of joe!

Benefits of using coffee grounds in the garden

Everyday in Jolly we throw kilos of used coffee grounds into the bin. Where do they end up? In a landfill! We’re now trying to cut down on how much general waste we send to the landfill by giving away our used coffee grounds for you to use in your garden! It’s easy, organic and FREE!

Coffee grounds can be used as an organic, natural pesticide, repelling slugs, snails and ants. Adding coffee grounds to soil will lower the pH of the soil, benefiting acid loving plants like strawberries.

To use coffee grounds as fertiliser, work the coffee into the soil around your plants. This method of fertilisation adds organic matter to the soil, thus increasing drainage, water retention and aeration in the soil. It will allow beneficial microorganisms to thrive and will attract earthworms.

We have been on a mission over the last few months to reduce our impact to the environment using recycled materials, plastic free straws, promoting keep cup coffees and we are keen to keep improving. We'd love to see our coffee grinds being reused and it just makes no sense throwing them out. And remember, if you do grow your own fruit and veg and you have too much, we are paying cold hard cash for your organic, pesticide free produce. 

If you’d be interested in using our coffee in your garden, pop us an email to or call in to us for a chat!