Jolly’s Favourite Summer Cocktails

After some smashing summer evenings in May and June, we’re looking forward to a few scorchers in the months to come. At Jolly, the forecast is looking good and we’ll be shaking up some delicious concoctions over the next few months!

From classic Cosmos for sunny evenings, to a warming Espresso Martini for the more Irish days; Jolly’s Summer Cocktail List is weatherproof!

While we love them all, the choice can be daunting. We’ve saved you the time and compiled a list of three cocktails we recommend this summer:

Stawberry Caipirinha

We’ve taken this Brazilian cocktail and given it a fruity makeover! The smooth and sweet Sagatiba Brazilian rum, fresh lime and syrup are hit with muddled fresh strawberries giving it a sweet and tangy kick. Topped with crushed ice, and decorated with more fresh strawberries, this drink will transport you straight to the tropics. Oh, and it’s dangerously easy to drink.

Hendrick’s Tea 

A real staple to our cocktail menu, the Hendrick’s Tea never gets old. Here is your classic gin and tonic with a twist. The fresh cucumber and lemon give this sophisticated drink a real summery feel and a freshness to quench any thirst. Served in our balloon-shaped glass and topped with a sprig of mint, it’s almost an accessory as much as it is a treat!

Passionfruit Fizz

For the ladies who lunch, the Passionfruit Fizz is an essential addition to your afternoon. Fresh passionfruit is teamed with a squeeze of fresh lime and nothing but the best Grey Goose vodka. Topped off with some fizz, served in our lean champagne glass and garnished with a lime twist, you couldn’t find a more dainty summer sparkle if you tried!

Of course we have a whole host of delicious cocktails on offer this summer. Check out our full cocktail menu here and if you don’t like what you see, we’ll be sure to whip you up your favourite!