Naas Wild Food Festival 2018

The Naas Wild Food Festival is back for its fifth year in a row, and were delighted to be taking part in the wild food trail again! We will be joined by groups of adventurous festival foodies from around Naas to enjoy some of the best wild food Ireland has to offer. Here’s what we’ll be cooking up over the weekend:

Atlantic Oysters, seaweed tempura, gorse petal shrub

Oysters were originally a poor man’s food, whereas now they’re seen as a gourmet delicacy. The native Irish oyster grows naturally on tidal sea beds and is now in season, the imported gigos variety are available all year round

Pan seared breast of wild Irish wood pigeon, pickled radish, crispy red cabbage & wild meadowsweet pot

Wood pigeons are one of our pickiest eaters only feeding on the finest nuts, seeds & berries. As a result, some regard their meat as some of this island’s finest. Meadowsweet is a creamy perennial of damp waysides, meadows, marshes & wood. This tall, hairless plant flowers throughout Ireland from June to September

Banagher ale washed cheese, quince paste & gorse petal shrub shot

Synonymous with peatlands, gorse, also known as furze or whin is a prolific feature on Irish boglands. Quince is a hardy fruit tree suitable to our damp climate & produces lovely fruit which pairs beautifully with cheese

We have aimed to include a wide variety of the beautifully unusual ingredients found growing native all around Ireland in our festival menu this year. We hope you enjoy tasting our dishes as much as we enjoyed putting them together! 

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